Joginder Ali D’Souza, or “Psychotic Bitch Syndrome”

Posted: March 20, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Twitter Hate
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A blogger friend of mine from India pointed out a particularly vile troll to me on Twitter today.

As soon as she had done so, he started harassing me with his all-caps trolling and even followed me. After a few such tweets (in one of which he called me a “two bit feminist”, lol), I reacted by telling him to stop talking to me.


Something tells me he has heard that sentence quite a few times. And he reacts like a typical dude who has rape on his mind. Women’s boundaries exist to be torn down, and there’s no better hobby to him.

And indeed, I didn’t have to scroll far on his timeline to see just what kind of a guy this is. A huge percentage of his tweets were directed at women and were vulgar and grossly insulting. Others were racist, homophobic, Islamophobic…just all-around vileness. This dude is the full package of Fuck No.

Warning: When I say vile, I mean vile. He likes to talk about how great raping women is. Also wishes murder of people.



The next tweet is one he apparently sends out frequently in roughly those words:



His misogyny goes so far he wants to see women shot in the genitals:


He is also really, really in favor of burning women alive:



A small slice of his endless homophobia:


A bit more of his racism (note how the dude from the first tweet favorites his reply!):


Some more misogyny:


Girls care, that’s who.

And more misogyny — of course womanhaters hate feminists especially:


Then he bashes Savita, the woman who died a preventable death in Ireland because she did not get a life-saving abortion

…and says that all Muslims should be killed.


Nirbhaya means ‘fearless’ and is the nickname initially given to Jyoti Singh Pandey who was brutally gang raped and murdered on a Delhi bus last December.

Just when I thought I had collected enough of the disgusting shit this man spews, I go to sleep for a while and find that he has engaged with even more people on Twitter that I have (had) contact with, and has even been talking about me behind my back. Of course I needed to include these tweets here as well.

Joginder22 Joginder23 Joginder24 Joginder25

I’ve also seen creepy descriptions on Joginder’s Twitter about how a woman who looked very intimidated, fragile and scared aroused him sexually. He is very generous with information about what arouses him, actually, but I thought I’d spare you. The grossest tweets are not on here.

Thanks Anon in Green (not same as anon in green way above). Even though I can’t understand why you’re talking to this rapey guy in the first place. I told you what he is back when I first told him to fuck off.

In conclusion, this man, who has tweeted using the handles @ronejoq, @tweetyjogi, @jogitweets, @sec66a, and @MisterJogis (and probably many more), is misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, and an online harasser. He promotes rape and degradation of women and verbally attacks women online. According to statements of his own, he has even been in legal trouble for his disgusting online activities. I hope it wasn’t the last time.

  1. Well we all know what they say about who yell queer the loudest.

  2. N. says:

    Oh! That rat bastard. I remember him. He sickens me. A week after he started abusing a friend of mine, I made a trip to an island called Bahrain and you wont believe I saw a bastard that looked like this bastard in the photo. He couldnt stop staring at my legs. I hope he dies soon. Asswholes like him need not live long.

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