Joanna’s Search Terms

Posted: April 8, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Search Terms

Today’s reader submission is from Joanna. She shared some search terms from her blog, which you should check out.


For our non-British speaking readers, ‘fancy dress’ means ‘costumes’, by the way. So someone was looking for some rape victim dress-up fun. Great.

This is what happens when you write things against rape and rape culture. You get plenty of men in favor of those things frequenting your site.

Thank you for your contribution, Joanna.

Do you, too, have to see disgusting search terms on your blog or website? Share them with the world to shine a light on the problem.

We welcome submissions of any length, meaning you can include commentary or even a full blog post about your experiences.

E-mail us at hatemale [at] hushmail dot com, and don’t forget to link to your site!


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