A Misogynistic Stalker

Posted: July 27, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Stalking, Twitter Hate
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This submission is from Femitheist Divine (@Femitheist on Twitter).

She says:

“I blacked out the city / state that were posted with the screenshots because they belonged to me, and the name of my workplace. This individual has been stalking and harassing me for weeks now. Threatening me, saying vile things about me, posting addresses that I’ve lived at along with pictures of houses that I’ve lived at, along with my workplace information, names of my relatives and their addresses.

He’s even gone so far as to insult my daughter (calling her inbred, autistic, saying that she’s the daughter of my father who he knows died in a car accident when I was a teenager, et cetera).”






Thank you for your contribution, Femitheist. This is really awful and we’re sorry you have had to see all this when you go online.

Have you, too, been stalked, harassed, verbally abused, threatened? Here‘s how to submit.

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