INTERNET MISOGYNY: How Online Patriarchy operates

Posted: July 27, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Uncategorized

This is very relevant to the topic of this blog.


Men define how women should use the internet through a range of complex behaviours. The behaviour includes all-pervasive re-enforcement of sexist stereotypes. Our truths are lost, submerged in twisted, patriarchal tales.

The internet had much promise in the golden age of initial exploration. There was potential for gender to be irrelevant. . And yet, sadly, it’s become increasingly obvious to radical feminists that the internet mirrors life. Women are marginalised, misrepresented, and harassed online by men. Isolated, individual women challenge the status quo in numerous ways within particular cyber spaces. As with the real world, men respond by demonizing her.

I’m going to use my own story from an experience of an LGBT, male-dominated, website to illustrate how a woman can be harassed, and scapegoated online. I will call the site “UC”. It’s a good example because there are fewer anti-feminist women cheer-leaders than elsewhere to muddy the waters. Patriarchy…

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