You’ve Got Male is born from the sisterly loins of courageous Feminist and RadFems committed to documenting the mass of hate remarks, death threats and all around vomit-worthy searches our blogs, articles and tumblrs receive with far too much regularity. But even though the comments are harsh and numerous, rest assured Women of the World, we will NOT be silenced by them!!! We will instead display them for all to see, wearing them not as scars, but as badges of Female Honor!

  1. DianeB says:

    Within hours of signing up for Twitter I got about 10-15 misogynistic tweets supposedly from women featuring provocatively, nearly nude poses requesting to follow me and declaring “I will fucking destroy you” (the first) and “I don’t make love, I fuck.” I declined and reported them all as spam. WTF? Is this a common experience?

    • Hi Diane! I have to say, your experience sounds like you were hit particularly badly! I’d guesstimate that I get about 4 of these tweets per month. I just did a quick survey on Twitter: two people responded, and they said it was about the same for them. I think posting tweets with colorful language tends to attract them. Or maybe there was just a surge of them at the time? I don’t know how these people work.

  2. DianeB says:

    Thanks for your quick reply, ST. I love that you’ve built a site for combatting these trolls. Interestingly, I didn’t use any colorful or provocative language & my first profile didn’t even include a reference to being a feminist. Keep up the great work!!!

    • Thank you for stopping by here and for your support! Meanwhile someone also told me they had a larger wave of spammers when they first signed up, but it soon calmed down.

      You can find me on Twitter at @SisterTrinity, btw. Keep fighting the good fight, sister!

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