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Hey, it’s time for our first submission! And this one’s a direct response from a misogynist – that didn’t take very long, did it?

I got an anonymous e-mail that linked me to a wonderful gem of a video entitled

“Attention all feminists ‘Fuck you!’”

 This video is 3 minutes of a really angry and whiny sounding dude revealing all the reasons he is a seething, misogynistic puddle of bile and why we obviously need more feminism in the world, not less. Because this right here? This is a guy hating on every single thing that prevents a life in slavery and pain for women and girls. Don’t take my word for it, go listen to the thing.

Since it was so much fun to listen to (seriously, it’s got this dime-a-dozen ooh-kinda-menacing hip hop beat and he sorta-kinda tries to speak with something like ‘flow’, I believe…check it out!), I actually went and transcribed it real quick. This gem of a speech can’t be lost. And it’s easier to point, laugh and rip this apart when it’s there in writing.

“Fuck you.

Just in case you didn’t know what you’re in for, feminists, now you know. The F word. He is not afraid to use it.

Fuck the women only homeless projects. How many men do you have to trample in order to find one woman? Fuck you!

Fuck the money-hungry domestic violence shelters.

This is the first thing you think about when you hear “feminists”? Women-only homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters, just swallowing that tax money! Oh, the greed! They catch homeless men and sell their organs to buy a meal for a woman! Or something. Seriously, why do we even have women-only homeless projects and domestic violence shelters? Because women are not safe from men. Not even those with a home (“domestic” violence), and certainly not those without one. Next.

Fuck the slutwalk feminists. With your false rape statistics and your stinking fucking banners, get the fuck off my street!

HIS street, did you get that? It’s HIS dammit! Does anyone else picture him shaking his fist at some girls skateboarding past him Bart Simpson style? No? Just me, then. 

But oh, this is just the first of many mentions of how all those rape statistics are false, because don’t you know women just looove them some rape-related drama. We cannot get enough of it. Men (and other women) traditionally treat us SO well when we come forward about being raped. If you want some examples of that, check out the way a whole town covered for admitted gang rapists and/or threatens the victim (Steubenville) or how another town (Cleveland, TX) –with the help of the NY Times, no less!–accused an 11-year-old girl of bringing her own gang rape by between one and two dozen men and boys upon herself. Being disbelieved, branded as a slut and torn apart by soulless defense lawyers in a court of law, no matter your age, no matter the heinous crime: that’s what awaits us when we tell. Can’t get enough of that wonderful shaming and blaming, we girls can’t. Of course there are also many who commit suicide out of shame or from being pressured not to tell. And there are the girls and women murdered by their families to preserve ‘honor’. The delicious stigma of being a ‘broken’ or somehow forever ‘ruined’ woman!  We’ll just lie, lie, lie for all we’re worth for a chance to have that. (False rape accusations are statistically a bit rarer than other false accusations, and yet we never hear worry about any of that other stuff. Because it’s not about men’s right to women’s bodies).

Fuck manginas, with their chicken wings for backbones. You’re the reason misandry reigns king!

For the uninitiated when it comes to “Men’s Rights Activist” (MRA) lingo, a ‘mangina’ is a ‘feminized’ man who acts as a servant to the collective delusion of the Matriarchal New World Order these guys alternatingly treat as having long-since arrived and as still being in preparation, depending on the topic of the day.

Any man who actively (or even passively, I guess) supports women, feminism, or opposes patriarchy in even the smallest way (failing to fight ‘misandry’ wherever possible?), is a ‘mangina’. Any man who rejects the notion that men are superior and deserve to own and control women like slaves is a ‘mangina’. The MRA prove they aren’t misogynistic, but merely concerned for the rights of men, by calling other men they despise a name derived from the body part women have that men don’t. No, no misogyny here, no sir.

Fuck the Jessica Laventis (sic) of the world, with your Swedish rape laws, streaming your misandry on MY constitution? Fuck you.

He means Jessica Valenti. And yes, anti-rape laws are anti-man laws in this guy’s world, and it’s HIS constitution, dammit! It’s not women’s constitution. It’s certainly not raped women’s constitution. It’s the constitution of an Angry White Man.

Fuck the no-drop prosecution lawyers of the world, smiling at me like you make a fucking difference, gimme a break!

He just hates people smiling and/or believing they make a difference. I mean, gawd, who doesn’t hate those people. I don’t know if all prosecution lawyers are feminists, but they must be since he included them in his fuck yous.

Fuck the Oprahs of the world, and while we’re at it, fuck Tyra! Figuring out new masturbation material for the fat, unhappy women of the West. With your petty contests and your bogus discrimination, get your fat, disgusting asses off my TV!

So Oprah and Tyra are feminists now too? Or is ‘feminists’ just code for ‘women’? Hmm….you tell me. He certainly seems to find us Western women quite distasteful, overweight und not happy enough. Oh, and apparently we masturbate to America’s Next Top Model or Oprah. Oprah and Tyra really need to get their fat, disgusting Black asses off this Angry White Man’s TV. HIS, DAMMIT!!

Fuck CNN, with their bullshit reports, robbing men blind of all self-respect, hiding the truth. Fuck you.

Yeah, you know that male-owned mass media just loves to help usher in the Matriarchy. You know when a massive, male-owned mainstream media company seems feminist to you, you are one helluva womanhater. Basically our friend just admits that watching CNN robs him of all his self-respect, which I strongly assume he never actually possessed in the first place.

Fuck the Democrats and the Republicans, pushing domestic violence laws that only protect women while sending men out to die in wars! Fuck you!

Oh yeah, the Republican party just CAN’T STOP pushing for laws that protect women!! From their own stupid little heads full of thoughts and decisions and needs. The only thing they push for is stripping women of their bodily autonomy and giving them unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds, or shutting down places that help women survive sickness, pregnancy and violence. Again, if you think the Republicans are all about helping out women and disadvantaging men, then you are a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale of misogyny, pretty much. Next stop, Taliban.

Fuck MTV, with their women-centered programming and their misandry-pushing PC bullshit. Fuck you. And while we’re at it, fuck the Dr. Drews of the world.

MTV is so feminist, y’all! I mean, last time I watched it is admittedly years ago, but I’ll just make an educated assumption: no it fucking ain’t, what are you smoking, bro?

Fuck the ?-backed judges breaking up families and removing good fathers from their children. You think we don’t know what the fuck you’re doing? Breaking up good homes? How the fuck do you sleep at night? Fuck you!

So this guy is divorced. What else can we glean about him? Because he sure isn’t this angry about something that isn’t personal to him.

Fuck the divorce lawyers of the world, with your trumped-up charges and your child molestation silver bullets, swelling up the false statistics. Fuck you!

Uh-oh. Like, he sounds really pissed off about this.

Fuck the Youtube Feminists. Backward, misandry-inspired assholes. Fuck you!

Oh, RIGHT! We were actually saying fuck you to feminists, not to “everyone and everything in the world that pissed me off at some point” or, you know, all women and women as a category of people.

Fuck every feminist-inspired PSA commercial, peddling the non-existing domestic violence epidemic. Making all men out to be monsters. Fuck you!

I think you make a pretty fine case for monster men, bro. And look at me, believing away that not everyone is as horrible as you! If I didn’t think that, I’d have built a bunker by now (naïve perhaps, I know). For instance, some men acknowledge that male domestic violence is a serious problem. These men are not as fucked up in the head as you.

Fuck the rape shield laws. And the courts who enforce them. Protecting false rape accusers while leaving men out to die.

Let’s recap the things he is most pissed off about: women, especially feminists and/or women of color claiming space anywhere in the world, anti-rape/domestic violence laws, divorce courts, divorce lawyers, prosecution of child abuse. I think he has painted a pretty good picture for us. Of himself.

Fuck all feminists. You are the reason for the pain of many, many men.

Fuck you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this last part (okay, I laughed at all of it, but this part was particularly funny). It’s almost like he’s setting himself up as a villain for us (those were a lot of fuck yous) only to then say how much he has suffered because of feminism. Bro, if you’re gonna be like that, we’re not gonna feel bad for you, because you just tried to verbally shit all over millions and millions of women — women who suffer so much more than your privileged, entitled, self-pitying ass can imagine.

TL; DR: Dude is pissed off women have any rights at all, and has violent, angry feelings like many males do when they wake up and aren’t Supreme Master of the Universe like a penis-bearer ought to be. IT’S ALL HIS, DAMMIT!!