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Let’s All Rape Her

Posted: July 29, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Twitter Hate
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This here is from Caitlin, author of, a blog you should definitely check out.

These tweets she received are awful. Women, if you get things like this, the one thing I can say about it that’s positive is that you’re doing feminism right in some way if men who would write this kind of thing attack you. You’re pissing them off because you’re good at what you do.


Thank you for your contribution, Caitlin.

If you, too, have received threats like this or anything else you’d like to submit, here‘s how to submit via e-mail. You can also use the hashtag #youvegotmale on Twitter.


This submission comes to you via my dear friend Paloma Sharma, a young feminist writer from India. Follow her on Twitter at @PalomaSharma and check out a sample of her work here: Open Letter To Rape Apologists (content note for horrible violence).

Yeh journalism aap se nahi hoga = You will not be able to do (this) journalism.


If the journalist he is trying to put down is so unimportant and incapable, why is he getting worked up about her? Because misogynists are afraid of intelligent, outspoken women, that’s why. And it is such women who will ensure that men like ‘appleinpie’ have many more sleepless nights, trembling in fear of what is yet to come.

Thank you for your contribution, Paloma. If you too have experienced something like this, we want to hear from you. Here‘s how to submit.

A Misogynistic Stalker

Posted: July 27, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Stalking, Twitter Hate
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This submission is from Femitheist Divine (@Femitheist on Twitter).

She says:

“I blacked out the city / state that were posted with the screenshots because they belonged to me, and the name of my workplace. This individual has been stalking and harassing me for weeks now. Threatening me, saying vile things about me, posting addresses that I’ve lived at along with pictures of houses that I’ve lived at, along with my workplace information, names of my relatives and their addresses.

He’s even gone so far as to insult my daughter (calling her inbred, autistic, saying that she’s the daughter of my father who he knows died in a car accident when I was a teenager, et cetera).”






Thank you for your contribution, Femitheist. This is really awful and we’re sorry you have had to see all this when you go online.

Have you, too, been stalked, harassed, verbally abused, threatened? Here‘s how to submit.

Our good sister Rusty sent out a tweet of solidarity after MRAs and trans activists tried their best to shut down a radical feminist conference that is to take place in London this summer. This is how much these men hate the fact that we are sisters who support each other with love and solidarity.

Sisterhood - A thorn in their misogynist side

You need a really sick mind to even come up with this.


A blogger friend of mine from India pointed out a particularly vile troll to me on Twitter today.

As soon as she had done so, he started harassing me with his all-caps trolling and even followed me. After a few such tweets (in one of which he called me a “two bit feminist”, lol), I reacted by telling him to stop talking to me.


Something tells me he has heard that sentence quite a few times. And he reacts like a typical dude who has rape on his mind. Women’s boundaries exist to be torn down, and there’s no better hobby to him.

And indeed, I didn’t have to scroll far on his timeline to see just what kind of a guy this is. A huge percentage of his tweets were directed at women and were vulgar and grossly insulting. Others were racist, homophobic, Islamophobic…just all-around vileness. This dude is the full package of Fuck No.

Warning: When I say vile, I mean vile. He likes to talk about how great raping women is. Also wishes murder of people.



The next tweet is one he apparently sends out frequently in roughly those words:



His misogyny goes so far he wants to see women shot in the genitals:


He is also really, really in favor of burning women alive:



A small slice of his endless homophobia:


A bit more of his racism (note how the dude from the first tweet favorites his reply!):


Some more misogyny:


Girls care, that’s who.

And more misogyny — of course womanhaters hate feminists especially:


Then he bashes Savita, the woman who died a preventable death in Ireland because she did not get a life-saving abortion

…and says that all Muslims should be killed.


Nirbhaya means ‘fearless’ and is the nickname initially given to Jyoti Singh Pandey who was brutally gang raped and murdered on a Delhi bus last December.

Just when I thought I had collected enough of the disgusting shit this man spews, I go to sleep for a while and find that he has engaged with even more people on Twitter that I have (had) contact with, and has even been talking about me behind my back. Of course I needed to include these tweets here as well.

Joginder22 Joginder23 Joginder24 Joginder25

I’ve also seen creepy descriptions on Joginder’s Twitter about how a woman who looked very intimidated, fragile and scared aroused him sexually. He is very generous with information about what arouses him, actually, but I thought I’d spare you. The grossest tweets are not on here.

Thanks Anon in Green (not same as anon in green way above). Even though I can’t understand why you’re talking to this rapey guy in the first place. I told you what he is back when I first told him to fuck off.

In conclusion, this man, who has tweeted using the handles @ronejoq, @tweetyjogi, @jogitweets, @sec66a, and @MisterJogis (and probably many more), is misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, and an online harasser. He promotes rape and degradation of women and verbally attacks women online. According to statements of his own, he has even been in legal trouble for his disgusting online activities. I hope it wasn’t the last time.

A Deserving Bitch

Posted: March 9, 2013 by Sister Trinity in Twitter Hate
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I recently tweeted a link to a poem of mine on my blog. The poem has the title The Time I Saw A Man Who Raped Me, and that’s exactly what it’s about. It’s also about the rape itself and about the effect it has had on me. I posted it on the hashtag #Radfem2013, which is a radical feminist conference I plan on attending and which draws a considerable number of really nasty and persistent haters on Twitter.

I knew that people who hate me for my political views would see something extremely personal, and I posted it anyway. Perhaps because I had some sort of trust that they couldn’t possibly be so hateful as to use this particular tweet of mine (it is by far not the only on the hashtag) to harass me? Haha! Of course not. Rather because I was pretty certain that nothing they could say or do about it could get to me. I started a blog and I posted a poem about being raped. Obviously I’m not trying to hide, I’m not scared of public attention being directed my way.

And attention came my way, of course.

Enter self-proclaimed feminist "Lindsey Spilman" with a thinly-veiled threat

Enter self-proclaimed feminist “Lindsey Spilman” with a thinly-veiled threat

As you can see, I took a screenshot immediately, and I recommend you do the same when someone sends you threats and other nasty things. This tweet was deleted within a very short time, presumably when our friend Linds was reasonably sure I’d seen it. (Check out this website to learn how to take screenshots on various devices and operating systems)


Presented with a public accusation in the form of a screenshot: the tired old “humor” response

I'm a bitch deserving of crushing. High praise from a misogynist indeed.

I’m a bitch deserving of crushing. High praise from a misogynist indeed.

Demonizing/dehumanizing me, expressing desire for me to be hurt/dead.

Demonizing/dehumanizing me, expressing desire for me to be hurt/dead.

Nobody was talking about transwomen before this. At least I wasn't.

Some ‘feminist’, huh? Also *I* never said anything about trans


“I command destruction of her very essence” – Ah, only on the Internet!

A second person, also supposedly a feminist, shows up to tell me I am evil and deserve to be raped, disbelieved and mocked

A second person, also supposedly a feminist, shows up to tell me I am evil and deserve to be raped, disbelieved and mocked — if only I’d at least accepted that “apology”, right?

And then, many hours later…

I can't believe Lindsey managed to refrain from swearing at me!

I can’t believe Lindsey managed to refrain from swearing at me!

I’ve seen enough of the messages “Lindsey” has sent others, both like-minded people and ‘enemies’, to not be impressed by this last tweet. Even before the above episode, I happened to have seen some tweets in which “Lindsey” was boasting about having hurt others with words.


Confessions of an Internet troll

Yeah, Lindsey, you're totally a lesbian feminist. If words stop meaning things.

Yeah, Lindsey, you’re totally a lesbian feminist. If words stop meaning things.

So, “Lindsey”, you like the attention, it seems. You’ve had lots of attention from me now, let’s leave it at that.

Feminist is as feminist does. Calling for the destruction of people you disagree with politically and trying to ‘crush’ them with slurs, threats and hatefulness is called being a violent fuckhead, not a feminist.

If you too have received messages from a womanhating fuckhead, you know what to do: take a screenshot or document it in some other way and send it to us at hatemale [at] hushmail dot com together with any commentary you might have.