If you’re a female/feminist who has experienced misogyny or sexism online, we’d like to hear from you!

E-mail us your material, preferably with screenshots (learn how!), at hatemale [at] Your e-mail address will remain completely confidential, as will all other details you don’t wish to make known.

Despite the name of the blog, your haters don’t have to be male for us to show their messages here. This is the Internet, so we can’t really know for sure anyway. Most of the threatening and misogynist stuff is written by men and boys, though, and this is about you being targeted for being female/feminist, not about the identity of your attacker.

We have different categories on YGM — one of them is “Search Terms.” If you are a blogger or have a website, this one’s for you. You may not be receiving death threats or anything like that, but if misogyny-related search terms (and yes, this includes pornography) are leading people to your blog, you should show them to us.

A few things before you submit:

-It would be good if you could provide a little bit of context when you send us something. Feel free to write something to go with your “evidence”. This can be a blog post of any length, captions to go with pics, or both. If you have a lot to say about this topic and would simply like to submit something you’ve written without any images, that’s fine too.

-Make sure you don’t compromise the privacy of anyone who doesn’t want to be posted on here and who hasn’t harassed you. Ask nice people for permission before you publish their words or names on here. You can anonymize them or cut them out completely if that’s what they prefer.

-If you yourself were engaging in abusive behavior/using slurs (not the same as fighting back/being insulting) in your contact with misogynists, we are less likely to publish it. This doesn’t mean you need to have been an angel in your encounter or that you should edit everything beyond recognition. It’s just we’re taking a stand against hate and oppression here, so let’s not blur the lines by sounding just like the haters, ok?

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