Welcome, dear reader, to our catalog of online womanhating, aka misogyny.


Unless you’re a robot, this blog is not going to be easy on the mind. There will be extremely crude and hateful language, there will be death threats and a lot of threats of rape and other sexualized violence. There will be disturbing search terms that reveal to you what kind of sickos sit at keyboards all over the globe.

That’s precisely why we’re doing this. Because misogyny is real. The people at the keyboards are real. The mostly male persons who send girls/women (and especially feminist women) vile threats, who even stalk and harass them ‘in real life’, are real people. The male-on-female violence perpetrated daily in every country, in every city, in every village, is real. And we are real women who fight back.

In order to solve a problem, people have to be completely clear about the fact that it is a problem. There is no solving unacknowledged issues.

And misogyny goes way, way too unacknowledged. It is everywhere, and nobody online sees more proof of it daily than women who are dedicated to fighting for the rights and the survival of girls and women.

This is why we post the uncensored, ugly truth for all to see.

We live in a womanhating world — more specifically it’s male-on-female hate. This is just a small slice of that made visible.

You’ve been warned.

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